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(Requests will hopefully be finished within a week at most from the original ask.)
Everyday Cosplay Inspirations

chances are, if you follow me or are checking out the cosplay tag, you probably have at some point (or are possibly interested in cosplay?).

well, if you have the time, there is a short survey to fill out below and email to (it’s for a good cause! higher education!)

Alternative cultures for a Master’s paper!
grassharp is conducting research on alternative cultures for a Masters paper; the topic chosen by their group was cosplayers/cosplaying. Anyone who has cosplayed is welcomed to answer these questions. List your first initial and last name if you wished to be quoted within the paper. Pictures (of yourself cosplaying) are welcomed, as there will be a presentation. Please no nudity, blood and gore is fine.
Survey below

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grassharp said: I am conducting research on alternative cultures for a Master's paper; the topic chosen by my group were cosplayers/cosplaying. I wanted to know if I could send your group the survey.

^ anyone want to do a survey?

There’s still about 10 requests left, but the ask box is open again to requests! Thanks for your patience. I’m calling it a night for right now (I have a calculus test to cram for!) but the last requests will hopefully be done by tomorrow.


Hi, love :) Under every set there is a link that will take you to an information page about the set like this:


This link will take you to the official page. There you will find a side bar with information such as pricing and the website the clothes can be purchased at.


I would like to add that these sets are meant to be more inspiration than shopping lists. Most of the casual cosplays I do in real life are Goodwill clothes or things I had lying around. Also, I’m making an alternate hoodie set now.

I hope this helped?